Listening Party: Wave & Rome – ‘Across The Map’ EP

We are crazy excited for this week’s Listening Party of Wave & Rome‘s Across The Map EP! An indie-rock project from Nashville’s Sam Tinnesz, the band came together after three years of collaboration between Tinnesz and Josh Farro, formerly of Paramore after the two met through mutual friends. Produced by Matt Bronleewe and Chad Howatt, (Paper Route) the five songs that make up the EP are ethereally gorgeous, echoing everything that’s good in this world.

Favorite tracks, “Hands Over Eyes” and “Took Flight” are reminiscent of some 2003 Longwave and Celebrity (and maybe even some 2006 MuteMath for extra chill-factor) feels that are too good to ignore. In a perfect world, One Tree Hill would still be on the air and the five tracks that make up this spectacular EP would be bedazzled everywhere, including a live stint with Tinnesz, of course. Keep this one handy for those heartfelt mixtapes for your significant other.

Needless to say, Wave & Rome specialize in Americana-esque pop hooks and soft melodies guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings of listeners across the map. See what we did there.

Across The Map is available now here.

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