[WATCH] The Technicolors – “Congratulations, You’re a Doll”

Are you up for a challenge and a wild night-out with The Technicolors? You might as well be, because the Arizona rockers have just put out an amazing music video for their latest single, “Congratulations, You’re a Doll.”

Getting ready for the release of their debut album due next month, The Technicolors have come up with one of the most kick-ass videos, directed by the band’s long time friend Tucker Audie while working perfectly as a proper introduction for their debut LP.

Lead singer, Brennan Smiley, explained to Billboard that: “This tune, ‘Congratulations, You’re a Doll,’ is a wild one, and in a lot of ways feels the most like us. We wanted someone who could capture that; Audie painted our work environment in a way that was so interesting and genuinely badass that when it came time to make it happen, there wasn’t much to do but flip some tables and smash some bottles.”

Watch the video for “Congratulations, You’re a Doll” below:

METAPHYSICAL is due to release on July 7. Pre-order here.

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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