[Song Of The Day] SAINTE – “Technicolor”

Just as everyone thought pop-rockers We Are The In Crowd were working on new material in the past few months, unexpected news of members leaving and musical transition of the remaining people started to circulate. And now here we are with SAINTE!

The new project seemingly puts Tay Jardine in the spotlight, but rumor has it former WATIC-mates Cameron Hurley and Mike Ferri are also involved. It’s all still kind of a mystery that needs to be uncovered. Luckily, SAINTE released “Technicolor” to ease curiosity while we patiently wait for more to come.

Personally, I loved WATIC back in the day and in shadows of that, the artistic progress on this SAINTE debut is very impressive. While fans may want their favourite band back, it’s clear that no way this new track and sound would’ve fit into what they stood for as a group mostly aimed for the Warped-crowd. “Technicolor” is self-titled era Paramore meets Blossoms. Tay’s voice is more powerful than ever and the song is also very rich musically as you discover more and more elements with each listen. The beautiful aesthetic of the music video – created by Raul Gonzo (he is also responsible for PVRIS’ visuals) – matches perfectly with the song.

Tay Jardine has clearly grown out of the plaid shirts and ripped skinny jeans phase!

Check out the video for “Technicolor” below:

Available now!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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  1. I’m impressed by this! Definitely agree that it could be a Paramore self-titled song and that’s definitely no bad thing. Was never that into We Are The In Crowd but this has a lot of character – I like it.

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