[Pick Of The Week] Yassou – “To Sink”

Yassou just may be the most unconventional act out there – something we here at The Daily Listening strive to shine a light on and respect immensely. After playing CMJ Festival last fall, the band decided it was time to break away from the monotony of the music industry and prove that they, and other artists in their position, do not need major labels, big budgets, high end studios and a huge production team to create powerful and inspiring material. As long as there is patience, full belief in ideas and a will to broaden oneself, the goal is possible.

While most artists would be teasing the release of an upcoming EP, Yassou has turned the fan-artist experience into just that: a visual experience. Sharing beautifully crafted videos for each song that makes up the band’s EP, they’ve garnered quite the following, curious to see how this project plays out. Because of the nature of this unconventional release, there will be no digital or physical product outside of the visuals that have been shared and the ones yet to be released.

Today’s spotlight goes to the band’s most recent share, “To Sink” – a track I immediately fell in love with and came across at a time when all I wanted was to sink. Yassou elegantly captures the essence of what it means to fall so deep within yourself and how it feels when it seems as if you are immune to hope. Softly slithering through your entire body with lyrics such as, “I want the world to open up / I want to sink,” it’s hard not to get emotional.

Watch “To Sink” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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