[LIVE] Twenty One Pilots @ Alexandra Palace, London

After the first mind blasting experience at London’s Brixton Academy in February and a rowdy Reading Festival performance supposedly cut short in August, I couldn’t restrain myself of Twenty One Pilots’ Alexandra Palace show last night. Three times is the charm, they say.

Having released his debut album on the night of the performance, it couldn’t have been a better time to get introduced to Irish singer and songwriter BRY and celebrate this milestone of his career. His folky pop songs were an impressive lead up to the rest of the night. You better watch out for him in the future!

10.000 eager frens of Twenty One Pilots gathered together to admire the moonlit view of the city from Alexandra Palace (one of the most iconic venues of British entertainment). The band happened to be present as well and despite all the extensive touring they’ve done this year, they seem to be unstoppable. Even if you’re not a fan, they’re still a must see for visual entertainment purposes and can lead as example for other artists on how to put on a memorable show.

Two hours long sets are rarity that not everyone can pull off – unless you’re Foo Fighters who sometimes play for 3 hours – and this extended luxury brought such joy. More time means more songs to perform and this occasion we got a nearly ten minute long medley of old tracks; performed off stage on a platform in the crowd. The intimacy of this act was definitely what made it special and it also proved why the same directness wouldn’t/didn’t work properly in a festival setting. The rest of the show went by in a blur; one hit song and fan favourites off Vessel and Blurryface coming after another, the crowd singing so loud you wouldn’t even notice if Tyler Joseph became lazy and stopped doing his job, and of course there is Josh “spooky jim” Dun literally killing the drums.

While the end of a show is not what you want to happen, I love the way “Goner” and “Trees” come through during the encore. The band going out with two of their most emotional tracks (and not even “party”- songs at the slightest) with a huge bang and drum battle in the crowd is my ultimate highlight and also the peak of their performance.

Fridays will always be better than Sundays, but don’t let that stop you from letting Twenty One Pilots entertain your faith on the second sold out night at Ally Pally tomorrow!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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