[Live] The Maine @ Electric Ballroom, London

It took them ten years into their career and a few occasions supporting others here, but emo royalty The Maine finally headlined London as the first (and only) UK show of the Lovely Little Lonely world tour.

Representing the punk-rock scene, Guillotine and Wallflower were the two opening acts of the night. Both proved themselves well and are definitely ones to watch out for in the future.

Eager fans from all over the world (for real) gathered to Camden Town’s iconic music venue, the Electric Ballroom, Saturday evening. A different kind of anticipation fills the room than usual when The Maine takes the stage. We all know we are about to dive into something special, and most importantly, witness the start of a new era where lovely little loneliness takes over from the sweet memories of American Candy. Deep down, no one’s quite ready to let the soundtrack of the past two years go just yet but as “Black Butterflies & Dèja Vu” (and “Bad Behavior” later on) kicks off, the instant singalong proves that the fans love and crave the new music just as much.

The very short 75 minute set (honestly, that is too short for ten years worth of material) goes by in a ‘blur’ – pun intended; they make an attempt with “Song 2.” You know, just because we’re in England. And being that, we’re in London and pissed on cider and black, the night wouldn’t be complete without “English Girls.”

“Right Girl” literally goes down in one hell of a crazy rave while we were dancing to our favorite songs from each album cycle for the rest. “(Un)Lost” gives the opportunity to let the emotions flow and that stops when front man John O’Callaghan kisses someone’s boyfriend onstage and likes it.

Before everybody else dies from hysterical laughter due to the spontaneity of the situation, the band carries on with power anthem “Girls Do What They Want” – and how true is that!

Without an encore, last song “Another Night On Mars” goes down in the most beautiful way with the moment made even more intimate and genuine thanks to the size of the venue. This one-off night is the perfect example that this side of the pond needs more Arizona emo happiness (yep, that’s a thing now ) and it’s been hinted we might as well get it again soon!

Thank you, The Maine, for the music and great performance but most importantly for being one of a kind, genuinely down to earth people and helping fans when needed. It’s greatly appreciated!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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