LISTEN: New Politics – “West End Kids”

Danish alt-rockers New Politics have just released their new single “West End Kids” which is, quoting the band’s words on their Facebook page, “About Vesterport (West End), the area in Copenhagen where we once lived. It’s where we played some of our first shows, where we first fell in love, and first felt heartbreak. It’s also where we had to say goodbye in order to make the sacrifices needed to move to Brooklyn and live out our dream of playing music.

New Politics also revealed that their upcoming album Vikings, which will be released under Pete Wentz’s label DCD2 Records, is dropping on August 14. The band is also announcing some more exciting news in a few weeks including tour dates and album pre-order details!

But while we wait on the upcoming news, let’s check out their new single “West End Kids.”


Get the single on iTunes.


Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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