[LISTEN] Gryffin – “Feel Good” feat. Daya & Illenium

Looks like other artists are just as smitten with Daya as we are. LA-based artist & producer, Gryffin, has collaborated with the voice of “Sit Still, Look Pretty” and The Chainsmokers‘ hit, “Don’t Let Me Down,” for new track, “Feel Good” along with Illenium.

It’s only a matter of time before this one hits the airwaves and with a relatable story to sing along to, this just very well may be the next song of the summer.

“The lyrics that Daya came up with had so much intensity to them — writing about that significant other in your life who puts you in a positive, happy state of mind, even when bad things may be happening in your life or in the world. I wanted the production to reflect that intensity, but at the same time create a really positive vibe,” explains Dan Griffith, who’s made music under the name Gryffin since 2014. “My goal with the song was to find that balance, and I ended up hitting it by adding a lot of synth sounds I’d never used before, and by bringing in different guitar textures and then flipping them in a new way. That’s what the Gryffin project is about overall: making electronic music but using real guitar and real piano so that there’s this organic feeling to every song.”

Listen to “Feel Good” below:

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