[Interview] FEVA Talks Debut Single “Blind” & More

UK indie quartet FEVA are hailing from an area infamous for its trash reality show past, but they are here to make sure Newcastle is recognized for its extensive music scene as well.

Released today, debut single “Blind” is a strong introduction to FEVA and what’s to come. The lyrics are going through the struggles of understanding a partner’s inner demons and the looming dark tone of the vocals resemble some of the early years of White Lies. If you love more blast from the past, the high energy and melodies in the chorus bring back what Canterbury was so unique for prior to breaking up – definitely an impressive way to start out.

To get to know FEVA better before everybody else does, we asked the band – consisting of Sam Reynolds, James Gibbons, Danny Castro and Thomas Errington – some questions and they delivered!

As a fairly new band, how did you guys end up in music? 

We ended up making music together as we were in bands previously that played together a lot (Sam & Danny were in The Castells, James & Tommo were in Hazels,) both bands began to fizzle out and we wanted to keep going so the four of us got together and FEVA was born.

Where does the band name come from?

The band name doesn’t hold any form of meaning, we decided we wanted it to be one word and something that looks cool on posters and that’s what we came up with, after A LOT of deliberation! Naming a band takes over your life, literally every word you see when trying to name a band you try to work into a band name, it drives you insane!

Your debut single “Blind” has just been released. What do we have to know about the track?

“Blind” was a track that came together very quickly, quite effortlessly to be honest. I already had verse melodies and I just began to sing over a jam of Tommy’s and we built to a big chorus, and finished the music in about an hour. I then went away and worked some lyrics to match the hook I had in my head for the chorus and it was done. It’s a song that can take on a lot of meanings I think – hopefully everyone can share their own unique connection with it.

Who are you most influenced by?

We’re fans of pretty much all genres across all band members and you see influences creeping in from them all. There are all your legends from the past (Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Creedance) but we really like what bands such as The Amazons, Broken Hands and DMA’s are doing at the moment.

What makes you stand out from all the other emerging bands out there? 

I’d say the main difference between us and other bands is that what you see is genuinely what you get. We genuinely believe in ourselves, believe the music we’re making is as good as anything out there, but at the end of the day, we’re still just four best mates trying to make tunes and definitely drinking too much.

“Blind” is out now on all major platforms!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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