[Daily Discovery] – PLAID BRIXX

It has been one of those weekends when leaving the house seemed the least appealing thing to do and having the Monday off the day job is already a highlight. Reminiscing over hot summer days, I’m still hoping we get more of the much appreciated Indian summer. PLAID BRIXX will keep me company until.

I’m no keen fan of EDM yet this group is one I can get behind. The music is mainstream pop at its finest that wants nothing more than to entertain. However, in their visuals and songwriting they still seem more of a traditional band with instruments instead of raving DJs behind a mixing desk. I wish they embraced that just a little more in the sound.

Listening to their self-titled EP that was released earlier this summer, the track that stands out the most to me is “Away We Go.” I’m having major throwbacks as it resembles Cash Cash – the neon party kids of the emo scene turned disco kings – in their early years, and Cobra Starship; both I was a really big fan of. I think I’ve finally found their successors!

Check out the video for “Since You Came” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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