[Daily Discovery] Island Apollo

Indie quintet, Island Apollo, a name derived from the artificial islands off the coast of Long Beach Bay each of which is named after an Apollo astronaut, have been making quite a buzz in the LA music scene, gearing up to be one of the most sought after bands in the area. Of course while “scenes” mean absolutely nothing to us here at The Daily Listening, there’s no denying that these dudes are going places – establishing a sound of their own that will soon be unmistakable.

Though their influences range from Arcade Fire to The Beach Boys, authenticity is their mantra. “I think if you want to find success as a band, you can blend in with a genre that is on the rise and have a nice record deal, followers, and radio play for a few years. But if you want to have a career, and real fans, you need to create something that is new. The bands I respect the most, and seem to have survived, are those that have created a sound that was different than the bulk of the music being produced at that time,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kilpatrick.

Can’t go wrong with a vision like that!

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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