[Album Review] Oh Wonder

Pop duo Oh Wonder have been taking the world by storm ever since they started releasing one song per month for a year last September. One year later, here they are with the wonderful debut album all the hype led up to.

Normally, I’m not a fan of the self-titled institution but Oh Wonder, in all its simplicity sounds just right. The 15 track long record is the perfect companion for rainy autumn days when you do nothing but drink tea and get lost in the music with closed eyes. Not many records are able to provide such experience. This is one of those.

Starting out with the first single, “Livewire,” you’re being taken on a beautiful journey where classical piano melodies collide with some modern electronic sound to go with the soothing female-male harmonies of the singers.

“Landslide” is the song that provides support through the hard times in life – one that really stood out for me. The lyrics of “White Blood” hold the word elevate, which is so simple yet it’s mesmerizing to hear it being used in song writing nowadays – as strange as it might sound.

I hope “Without You” to become the next single and to get a music video. Being the catchiest track out of all with that chorus, I feel like it has the potential to introduce Oh Wonder to the bigger masses with decent air-play. Please, make it happen!

“Not in it for the money/Just in it for the thrill”– these lyrics of “Dazzle” remind me of what music should really be about in the first place for the artist. Josephine and Anthony seem to be on the right track. Emotions and artistic freedom are clearly showing through their music. “Midnight Moon” is a great example of that: it sounds magical like the folk stories built around the Moon and midnight.

Oh Wonder is available now here!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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