[Album Review] Kehlani – ‘SweetSexySavage’

Kehlani has finally released her first album titled SweetSexySavage following her popular mixtape You Should Be Here. In a time where the world itself is constantly on edge with fear and worry, Kehlani’s album release serves peaceful melodies solely for soothing the mind and soul.

Beginning the album with a spoken word piece by Reyna Biddy, Kehlani sets the tone for her album. Leaving the listeners aware of her purpose and direction for the album’s entirety in one minute exactly. Next, she jumps right in with “Keep On,” immediately ushering us into a feel good vibe as she tells us the story of an on and off again relationship. Effortlessly bringing back the traditional yet modern R&B sound we know and love.


Keeping it fun and sexy Kehlani moves into songs like “Distraction,” “Undercover,” and “CRZY” as Kehlani shows us listeners a little bit of her carefree personality before slowing it all the way down. Using vulnerability as a stepping stone for the melodies and lyrics as she opens up about relationships that went wrong with songs like “Personal” and “Advice.”


After opening up to her listeners, showing us her deepest thoughts and emotions, Kehlani does not leave us in our feelings for long, before speeding it back up with “Do U Dirty,” as she tells us she’s not the right girl to fall in love with because she will basically ruin your life without remorse. Following it with “Too Much,” describing with no mercy the treatment she absolutely deserves as the woman she has grown up to be. Confidently, telling listeners who she really is.


Staying true to her album title, Kehlani sweetly moves into to soft ballads with “Hold Me By The Heart” and “Thank You” pulling at the heartstrings of her listeners, giving them music broad enough to cry to, fall asleep to, or yell at the top of their lungs in the car. Versatile enough for any mood.

SweetSexySavage is an absolutely beautiful display of who Kehlani is both musically and as a person. Not only that, but Kehlani unapologetically shows her listeners her confidence and comfort in her sexuality as well as the power and grace she has as a woman in her everyday life and as a woman in the music industry.

Alexis Hinnant

Alexis Hinnant

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