8 Artists That Switched Genres and Totally Nailed It

The recent Kafkaesque metamorphosis of 5SOS into an underground garage metal band has left us questioning everything in life. While this change was such wow that we’ve laughed for days, other artists have seriously turned tables when it came to provide something new to their audience.


From country-princess to pop-queen, Taylor’s easily taken over the world in the past few years. She became so unavoidable that even if you don’t like her, sure you still know all the lyrics to her massive hits – we, for one, cannot resist a dance party either.


Soon after the band went into hiatus mode, the lead singer released his solo album, Soul Punk. Despite showing more of what Patrick is capable of as a musician, not many could appreciate this effort, only because “it isn’t like FOB” – Duh…that’s exactly the point of someone going solo, people! Fast forward to today, the band is back with the second album (since the 2013 reunion) and a whole new sound, which hopefully everyone got used to by now.


She became known nationwide in the US after winning the third season of The Voice, then releasing her solo country album soon after, but Cassadee was already the star of the pop-rock scene with her band Hey Monday beforehand. The change has matched perfectly with her voice, but in all honesty, we wouldn’t mind a band-reunion by now. Hey Monday is dearly missed!


The Killers’ frontman just released his second solo album which is very 80’s but modern pop at the same time – basically, it’s a must for a summer party. We love when artists make such bold moves, because we don’t want to hear the same thing they do when in a band.


So many feels right here…we are still not over the Jonas Brothers, and probably never will be. Nick seems to be the most successful these days (where are you, Joe and Kevin?!) with his new R&B influenced sound. It’s a huge transition and we’re more into his Nick Jonas and the Administration era, but totally fits to his adult performer image they’re trying to sell here.


The biggest drama in the band’s history was when the Farro brothers suddenly left the band. No one knew what direction Paramore would head next. The self-titled era was the perfect example of how to evolve from rock to pop yet still stay awesome. That two year album cycle is over now (how, when it still feels so new?), the band is currently ‘writing the future,’ and it’s probably going to be a hell of a long time until we hear new tunes.


“They’ve only gone and done a FOB” is how many like to describe P!ATD’s evolution. Yes, both bands’ current style is very similar, but this change started with former members’ departure and the Vices and Virtues era. The “old band” is definitely missed because of emotions but have you heard their new song “Halleluja” yet? It’s the first time since 2011, that we’ve been this excited about the band.


Perhaps this case was the hardest to process for everyone, and our lists wouldn’t be complete without Miley. Hannah Montana’s gone wild and can’t be tamed!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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