[Review] SAINTE – ‘smile, and wave’

Summer is pretty much full on this year: heatwave after heatwave, occasional thunderstorms in between and with more daylight to enjoy, life suddenly gets A LOT busier – and new music still keeps flooding in as per usual. SAINTE’s debut EP smile, and wave has been out for a week now and even if you slipped through it, it’s never too late to join in on the fun. There is tons of it!

Ex-We Are The In Crowd frontwoman Tay Jardine’s solo debut cuts ties with her pop-punk roots to venture into a softer direction. This is usually the point where followers fall into frenzy but worry not! Her energetic performing style did not get lost throughout the process, giving an extra twist to the music. Power-pop anthems “With or Without Me” and “Technicolor” are perfect additions to any seasonal playlist, while those more eager for nostalgia can find peace in “White Lies” and “If You Ever Feel Alone.”

SAINTE also shows a slower and rather melancholic side on “Lighthouse.” As much as the other tracks can be adored for their intensity, this one is definitely the highlight. Despite the lyrics about a broken mind, the song itself has a calming quality, even a bit eerie. It’s best visualized as peacefully floating around in a dimly lit dark space, trying to find a hint that shows the way out. What’s the outcome? Everybody can decide for themselves.

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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