[REVIEW] Aly & AJ – ‘Ten Years’

It’s hard to believe that it has been a decade since the last time sister duo Aly & AJ have released any new material. 2007 saw the success of their second album, Insomniatic, making it a hit for years to come with “Potential Breakup Song” at the helm. While the duo did make a comeback in 2013 as 78violet, unfortunately, that project was short-lived, leading the Michalka sisters on the acting path.

Now, as the former Disney darlings emerge from a well-deserved musical hiatus, their new EP, Ten Years, encapsulates everything fans have been waiting for with a new infectious 80’s indie-pop sound that fits them so well and feels so good, it should be illegal.

Meant as “a palate cleanser for people to adjust to the new music,” shared AJ to USA Today, her and sister Aly self-funded the release and are slated to release a full-length in 2018 on a major label.

Opening up with their summer jam, “Take Me,” feelings of anticipation & a little bit of shyness come into play when you’re falling head over heels for someone, just waiting for them to finally make their move.

“I Know” is a breezy ode to friendship and the simple act of kindness during difficult situations – something the world can always use a little more of.

“Promises” is a deliriously haunting tale of finding your significant other with someone else as mistakes and broken promises tally up. “The Distance” is an epic yet bittersweet ending to our short journey about an underwhelming long distance relationship that led to nowhere.

One thing’s for sure: if they keep this up, album number three will most definitely delight, and just in the nick of time.

Ten Years is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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