Remembering David Bowie

I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on writing an article like this about David Bowie. This article was supposed to be a lighthearted review about the Starman’s new album, Blackstar, which was released only a few days ago. However, instead I find myself digging deep down to find the words that can describe my feelings towards the legacy that spanned over six decades – the legacy that was David Bowie himself.

We lose brilliant minds every year. Musicians, artists, actors and people who work hard for what they achieve, but rarely do we lose an individual who was all that and more. I grew up listening to David Bowie’s music, however it wasn’t until my teenage years that I really learned to appreciate his art and what he really stood for. His words, his actions, his activism for the strange and abnormal and his soul behind his creations, they were all paving the way for something more.

Bowie was not only was a cornerstone in the world of music but a visionary who was relentless and ever changing. When the world moved, so did he. Because of his innovative mind, we wouldn’t have half of the artists we love today. KISS, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae; the innovative artists that push all the envelopes would cease to exist if David Bowie didn’t come along to convince the world that weird was beautiful in the first place.

I myself as well as many fans, are devastated by the loss of yet another great, but I like to believe that a brilliant light in the world never truly goes out. Their energy and inspiration will always live within us, even if it shows in the littlest ways, they’re never truly gone, not really.

I’d like to send my love and gratitude towards the late David Jones and all the personalities that he adopted and made his own. Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom, Aladdin Sane – those faces all belonged to one man and they shaped the world and the people living in it.

So thank you, David Bowie. Thank you so much for everything.

Below is a list of some of my favourite Bowie songs. Please listen to them and remember this innovative human and his many faces.

Chloe Skowron

Chloe Skowron

Chloe is a graphic designer/illustrator from Canada. She is a music lover at heart and enjoys cosplaying and talking about all things nerdy in her spare time.