[Playlist] Morgan’s Top Tracks of 2015

There were so many great releases from great bands and artists this year. Some of my favorite bands released some of their best work to date, bands got back together, and I discovered a ton of new artists who are just starting to make their mark. It would have been too easy to just make a playlist of every single song I fell in love with this year, but that would probably take a month to listen to. So instead, here’s an hour and a half worth of songs that made my year. Enjoy!

“Another Night on Mars” – The Maine

“This one goes out to my closest friends, the ones who make me feel less alien. I do not think I would be here if not for them.”

This is the type of song you make memories to. I made amazing memories with amazing people this year and this song reminds me of that.

“Missing You” – All Time Low

I’m not going to lie, I got really emotional when I heard this song for the first time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it’s the “Therapy” of Future Hearts. The bridge is definitely my favorite of the song.

“Cecilia And The Satellite” – Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

McMahon wrote the song for his daughter, Cecilia, as a way of showing her who he was before she was born, and I think it’s one of the most adorable songs I’ve ever heard. I can’t help but smile when he mentions traveling around the world in a punk rock back (Hello, Something Corporate!). Not to mention his daughter is featured in the music video and she is the cutest thing ever.

“Makeshift Love” – Good Charlotte

They’re back! That’s all I have to say.

“Control” – Halsey

The first time I heard this song I knew it was going to be one of my favorites off of Badlands. We all have our inner demons that we battle with, whether it’s mental illness or something else, and I think Halsey does a great job describing that battle with this song.

“Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

I’m pretty sure half of Los Angeles has seen me screaming along to this song at the top of my lungs while driving around. I love Rachel Platten’s voice and I find this song so empowering.

“Happy Song” – Bring Me The Horizon

That’s the Spirit was actually the first album I listened to by Bring Me The Horizon. I know a lot of their fans were upset about the fact that they apparently changed their sound, but I loved the album, granted I had nothing to compare it to. This song was definitely my favorite off the album, and I think it has something to do with the peppy “spirit” chant throughout the song.

“Grown” – Little Mix

This song was released in October, but according to Spotify it was my third most played song of 2015.

“Maybe” and “Fantasy” – Alina Baraz & Galimatias

I wrote a post earlier this year about how much I loved the Urban Flora EP, so I think it’s only right that I include my two favorite tracks from the EP on my Best of 2015 playlist.

“I’m Ready” by Jack’s Mannequin

Okay, so technically this song was released in 2005, but it was remastered and re-released along with the rest of Everything in Transit, in honor of the albums 10th anniversary. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Jack’s Mannequin?

“Mene” – Brand New

This was Brand New’s first song since the album Daisy was released in 2009. It’s safe to say I lost my mind over the fact that they released a new song and then proceeded to yell at everyone about it.

“Perfect” and “Drag Me Down” by One Direction

I know quite a few of my friends will be happy to see these songs on my playlist. I saw One Direction perform “Perfect” live at the American Music Awards and I found myself singing along to the song the second time the chorus came around. I get it now. I get why people like them.

Stay tuned for more staff picks all month long!

Morgan Griffin-McNair

Morgan Griffin-McNair

Morgan is a music enthusiast and avid concert goer. When she's not looking for new music to listen to or hanging out at a show she can usually be found practicing photography or exploring new places.