[Pick Of The Week] Blinker The Star – “Century Of The Self”

Blinker The Star is a Canadian indie-rock band that have been in the game since the early 90’s. Singer Jordon Zadorozny displays a rather impressive rèsumè under his belt, having co-written songs for Courtney Love while acts such as Lindsey Buckingham and Ken Andrews have appeared on past Blinker The Star albums. The band have digitally released their brand new EP, 11235, this week with another follow up release expected to drop in the summer of 2016.

Zadorozny was kind enough to share some thoughts on first single and Pick Of The Week, “Century Of The Self,” exclusively for The Daily Listening:

“‘Century Of The Self’ comes from a wintry, somewhat detached place. Watching the tragedy unfold, but from a hilltop where one is afforded some safety and a certain philosophical detachment. Musically, I feel it comes from a European tradition: the sang froid of Abba meeting the baroque ornamentalism of the Cocteau Twins. With just a whiff of northern Death Metal blowing through the woods.”

Listen to “Century Of The Self” below:

11235 is available now here. Everywhere on December 18.

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