[LIVE] Halsey @ O2 Academy Brixton, London (+ flor, BØRNS)

Halsey, by far my favourite breakthrough artist from last year, is currently on the BADLANDS Tour playing sold out shows to some of her biggest crowds as a headliner all over Europe. I went down to Brixton’s O2 Academy in London to see what the big fuss is about (okay I was very excited) and it did not disappoint.

Looking at the evening’s performers, it was the ultimate TDL-favourite line-up. Los Angeles based flor and BØRNS took the support spots, bringing tropical jungle vibes into the cold February night with their music. Never in my life have I heard as huge cheering and enthusiasm towards opening acts from the crowd as I did last night. Both artists have truly stolen my heart (and surely others’ as well) with their stage presence and music. I may have not been a fan before, but I definitely am now. Stoked to see what great things the future holds for both artists.

By the time Halsey took the stage like a hurricane, we’ve been through a fair share of singalongs to the likes of Justin Bieber and Twenty One Pilots (who are also headlining this same sold out venue tonight and tomorrow) between sets, and the excitement was palpable – it resulted in deafening screams as soon as the lights went off and the first chords of “Gasoline” were heard. Then, she got into “Hold Me Down” and “Castle” straight away with the audience singing every single word back to her. Such enthusiasm from the fans was dominant throughout the whole performance – especially when the venue was lit up with phones on Halsey’s command in the middle of “Drive” with a crowd singalong. It was a beautiful moment.

Although the tour is promoting the BADLANDS album, “Is There Somewhere” off the Room 93 EP also made the cut, as Halsey sang it climbed up on the barricades in front of the stage.

Most of the time there are two or three songs to be the strongest of a set where everybody goes wild. But this time the whole performance was one huge party; never a dull moment. The one song I always sort of underrated for some reason was “Roman Holiday” (Tina, our editor adores that one) but it’s a whole new thing live. I loved it! “New Americana” sort of has become an anthem by now so it was natural to have it in the big finale along with “Colors” plus “Young God” on the encore.

(Editor’s note: This is too much to handle!!!!)

What I’ve learnt from the first time seeing Halsey live is that despite her sudden success she alone is already capable to command a room fully packed with people to do anything – a sure sign that a generation of young music lovers have already made her their queen – and that she is on the right track to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Madison Square Garden, you ready?

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