[LIVE] flor @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Let me start off with a little story: Before there was flor, there was a band from Hood River, OR called Sunderland comprised of three of the four members of what we now know as flor. I remember seeing them open for Honor Society on the Rock The Red Kettle Tour via the Salvation Army back in 2011 at the Marlin Room at Webster Hall. It was a chaotic night. Security was a mess and there was another show going on in the main room that somehow entwined with the line for HS’s. I remember being approached on the line outside in the freezing cold by none other than McKinley Kitts to let us know that the doors for Marlin were open all while handing out Sunderland postcards. Multitasking at it’s finest, folks!

The point of my story? Well, nothing really other than timing is everything…oh, and sometimes you have to do things that aren’t in the job description to get shit done.

Ever since I first heard “Unsaid” in the spring of 2015, I’ve been captivated by the magic that is flor. Friday night felt like a new beginning – not only for my love affair with the indie-pop outfit – comprised of the aforementioned Kitts, Zach Grace, Dylan Bauld and Kyle Hill – but for the band in general. Signed by Fueled By Ramen earlier last year, it’s been nothing but anticipation for their debut album, come out, you’re hiding, due out this year. After releasing the first single, “Hold On,” a stint opening for Great Good Fine OK and Grouplove (this spring), it’s finally time for these guys to have their well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

As the band serenaded us with the familiar sounds of “Get Behind This,” “Unsaid,” “Let Me In,” and “Warm Blood,” I was transported right back to who I was when I first heard them. As life and seasons change, music always remains; a reminder that the bad is only temporary and finding yourself in a better place while realizing how rough things got is a test of strength. New songs were shared as well, making us eager to get our hands on that album as soon as possible.

As soon as “Hold On” came into play, the crowd was electric, making it quite evident that the next time we catch these guys, it’ll be on their own headlining tour with a longer setlist. Get ready, world!

Can't think of a better way to start 2017's show flow. @florsounds. 👌🌹

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