[Listening Party] Daniel Sumstine – ‘Metanoia’

You might remember him by his past solo project, Hello Highway, and there’s also a chance that, if you were lucky enough, he might have played a show in your own living room in the past –yes, in your living room! Today we want you to get pumped about the fact that, after nearly two years since his last release and quite a time where we knew literally nothing about what Daniel Sumstine was up to, we can clear all that fogginess away.

On March 4, his newest EP titled Metanoia was unleashed. He also gave his fellow fans a heads up on what he’s been up to and explained a bit why he’s been a bit MIA on all things like playing gigs and being on social media. Daniel has had to face some difficult times where obviously his passion for music played a huge role. Once all was settled, the creative and musical juices came crawling back to him almost instantly and that’s when, somewhere in lovely Nashville, Metanoia was born with the help of producer Cole Andre among a few others.

Ever since I can remember getting into his music, Sumstine has never failed to come up with some lovely tunes and Metanoia is no exception. This EP is the perfect formula to bring to yourself into a deep state of mind and of course, major feels are also involved in the listening process. It’s been a wild ride and a huge change –for me and for him– since I started following Daniel’s music back in 2012 but one thing’s for sure, it most likely will never stop being both beautiful and mesmerizing.

Check out Metanoia below:

Metanoia is available now here.

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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