[LISTEN] Shadow Of Whales – “Roots”

Austin, TX five-piece, Shadow of Whales, are an alternative/indie-pop band with a passion for creating music while spreading hope through the connections they make. A bit reminiscent of Bad Suns, this is one band you’ll want to keep on your radar this spring, especially as they gear up for some special releases. They are currently in the midst of a Patreon compaign, which also serves as a special-access fan club.

“Think of our Patreon as a Shadow of Whales Member-Only Access Club to exclusive content that we won’t be releasing to the general public.” explains the band. “In the world of a never-ending plethora of physical and digital distribution for musicians – where on some platforms artists get paid for their work and other platforms they don’t– we decided to put most of our work for the foreseeable future on Patreon so that we could recognize our truest fans by directly rewarding them with not only our music but things like special merchandise, 14inch vinyls of our singles, calendars with our schedules on them, extra media, extra discounts on our public stores, videos on how we make our music and how to play it, the list goes on. Not only does Patreon allow us to do this, but it gives us a level of connection with our fans and the ability to control what we want to do that iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and other sites just don’t. For the first time in what it feels like forever, we will have the most direct connection with our fans than we’ve ever been able to have online and we are so much more than excited to get started.”

You can join the band on Patreon here. You can also check out a sneak peak of the band’s upcoming track, “Keep It With You,” here!

Listen to “Roots” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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