[LISTEN] Said The Whale – “Step Into The Darkness”

Vancouver indie-rock trio, Said The Whale, are gearing up for the release of As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide on March 31 – an album that was recorded in the midst of significant change in lineup. With no preconceptions or concrete plan in mind, the band pushed through the rough patches – evident in new single, “Step Into The Darkness” – to create something unlike anything they’ve released before.

“‘Step Into The Darkness’ was written after a devastating break-up with my girlfriend of six years,” stated singer Ben Worcester. “The song is me reaching out to comfort my love, reassuring her that she is safe and despite the immense sadness and feeling of loss, perhaps good things will come. We got back together shortly thereafter.”

Listen to “Step Into The Darkness” below:



Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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