[LISTEN] HÅN – “The Children”

Dark pop newcomer, HÅN, hails from Italy and has the voice of an angel. Debut single, “The Children,” takes on a Daughter feel while intense, pulsating electro-pop vibes wrap the listener in a web of tangled thoughts mixed with bittersweet hope for what’s to come. Hopefully we’ll be graced with more music from the singer in the coming months.

“When I write something I’m used to building lines in a way that the final song is a complex of concepts that stands on its own. I like every line to have its own life. I love the lyrics to be a bit hermetic and not to go in only one direction, as they were a sort of mystery that has to be solved and interpreted by the listener. ‘The Children’ is like someone running away from the things that they know and from the place in which they always been, becoming aware of the oppression of ‘the safe place.’ At the same time, they feel like they’re inevitably bound to their home. It’s a kind of ambivalent feeling of both growing and missing what you leave by living this process.”

Listen to “The Children” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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