[LISTEN] Atella – “Anyone Out There?” feat. Cal

Is there anything better than some top notch Scandinavian electronic music? Nope. Being that it’s Friday, you’re all probably looking for something to unwind to this weekend. The answer lies within new Atella track, “Anyone Out There?” featuring Cal. Pondering the insanities of life, “Anyone Out There?” serves as both a dance-friendly jam and an existential crises all in one. Gotta love those.

“It’s easy to end up feeling lost in this world, even though it should feel like home,” explain Atella. “Seeing a shining future from afar doesn’t mean that this is what we are dreaming of. As we are closing in, things might get clearer. If we then suddenly realize we chose a wrong path, should we turn back and go to start, or should we keep on going, in a new direction? ‘Anyone Out There?’ Picks up signals from the past and shoots them into the future. While wondering what can be out there, the most peculiar things are happening just outside our own planet. What might look like a colourful sensation in the sky might just, if you look close enough, be a rocky traveler passing us by.

Listen to “Anyone Out There?” below:

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