[Get Stoked About] Spencer Ludwig

Chances are you’re already familiar with trumpet extraordinaire Spencer Ludwig since he’s responsible for that iconic trumpet sound featured on Capital Cities’ debut album In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, most recognizable on the hit track “Safe and Sound.”

Last year he started working on music of his own, later breaking the news of being signed by Warner Bros Records. Time paid off and he graced the world with his debut as a solo artist in July of this year. “Diggy” is not only Ludwig’s first single release, it’s also been featured for Target’s Fall Vibes campaign. With jazzy, funky vibes this track is an automatic mood booster, and one that immediately gets you on your feet as you dance on your own.

If you’re in the mood for some energetic tracks, he might just be the perfect option! He’s released a couple more singles – “Right Into U” being more of a pop-jazz tune (like one you’d hear from Justin Timberlake) which is quite lovely. Other releases include “Good Time People” and “Midnight Special.”

Inspired by the sounds of Miles Davis and Michael Jackson, Spencer’s music is filled with contagious happiness so it’s safe to say that we’re excited for his debut album, which is expected some time in 2017!

Check out “Diggy” below:

Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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