[Get Stoked About] DNCE

Well we all knew it would happen eventually, but it looks like Joe Jonas, formerly a Jonas Brothers heartthrob, has formed a funky new band that goes by the name of DNCE. No one knows what DNCE stands for, but what we do know is that this dancey, pop band consists of not only Mr. Jonas on vocals, but also JinJoo Lee on guitar, Cole Whittle on bass and Jack Lawless on drums. Two of which have already worked with the Jo Bros back when the Disney trio were still touring and recording.

Their debut song “Cake By The Ocean” is pretty darn good to be honest, which I’m pleasantly surprised by. I say this because not everyone remembers Joe Jonas and his attempt at a solo career back in 2011, which didn’t really fly too far. His first album, Fastlife, only sold around 18,000 copies in its first week – the number bumping up as months went by, but he eventually left his record label to pursue other goals.

I’m really excited to see how DNCE progresses though. In my opinion, Joe’s vocals pair really well with the new pop and dance feel of DNCE and I really like the weird, eccentric (and more mature) vibe the band seems to have as well. So far it looks like people are falling in love with the look and sound of this mysterious new band too. I can’t wait to see what’s next on their release list!

If you haven’t checked out DNCE or heard their debut song “Cake By The Ocean” make sure to check it out below and let us know what you think!

Chloe Skowron

Chloe Skowron

Chloe is a graphic designer/illustrator from Canada. She is a music lover at heart and enjoys cosplaying and talking about all things nerdy in her spare time.