[EXCLUSIVE] Counterfeit. Share Their Favorite Records & Childhood Memories

Record Store Day is just around the corner, with special edition releases and one-off events happening all around the world this Saturday, April 22. While we mostly celebrate it by sharing our personal music experiences, it’s always interesting to hear what our favorite musicians are up to with their preferences when they are less busy creating the noise.

The boys from British rock band Counterfeit. were kind enough to spare some time for us ahead of their busy UK headlining tour in support of the debut album Together We Are Stronger, to share some insight into their music bucket list along with their favorite records!

When you were 13, what was your favourite and most influential record?

Roland: Original Prankster – The Offspring

Did you have favourite local record store/music venue growing up?

Jamie: Nambucca [iconic North London venue] – Played a lot of shows there when I was younger.

Physical buy or download?

Jamie: There’s something very special about holding a vinyl that digital can’t give you. It’s a stronger connection to the artist.

Thoughts on the re-surfaced success of vinyl? Most special possession in your collection (if you have one)?

Jamie: Personally, I think it’s great.

Jimmy: And long may it continue.

Jamie: I bought a copy of the self titled Chicago Transit Authority (who later became Chicago) LP when I was about 15 or 16 from my local record store. It blew me away and I had found a rabbit warren that I spent lots of time in.

Do you have a music bucket list?

Headline a festival, tour the world, play in the darkest place on planet earth, continue to do what we love for a long time alongside many many other things.

Catch the band on the remaining dates of the UK tour and while you’re there, the new record is also likely to become your favourite discovery of the year!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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