[Daily Discovery] Night Runner

Everyone at TDL knows that I am a huge nerd when it comes to 80s music. To be honest, 75% of the time the music I’m probably listening to is from the 80’s. So when I came across the synthwave duo, Night Runner, I was over the moon. Their album Starfighter, blends that classic 80’s synth-rock sound with a fresh twist that keeps you wanting more.

One of my favourite tracks, “The Driver,” features the perfect blend of synth and an instrumental beat that truly pays homage to the 80’s in such a perfect way. Seriously, if these guys were making music when Miami Vice was still on the air, they would have been signed on to score the show.

Check out the album Starfighter below:

Chloe Skowron

Chloe Skowron

Chloe is a graphic designer/illustrator from Canada. She is a music lover at heart and enjoys cosplaying and talking about all things nerdy in her spare time.