[Daily Discovery] Mount Tyrant

Silence was big around Dallas, TX band Mount Tyrant in the past few months which they broke recently with the sudden release of the Past Dance EP. Despite following their work for a little while now, the new material is quite a valid reason to share this secret musical gem of mine with you all.

‘Dark pop’ is how Mount Tyrant describe their sound, and that’s exactly what first caught my attention. Emo darkness may be my natural habitat, but I cannot ever resist catchy pop tunes, especially the alternative/underground kind. As even the new EP shows, or if you listen to earlier tunes, it’s clear they are still kind of experimental (indecisive, perhaps) in their work; trying to find what fits best. While tracks like “She’s The One” and “Black and Gold” could be best buddies with PVRIS and I Love You-era The Neighbourhood, until others resemble Owl City’s synth-pop masterpieces and the heyday of neon pop bands from the late 00’s. Either is fine yet I still bend towards the dark in dark-pop.


The answer is in the black and gold aesthetics they already seem to be masters of. I really hope they will keep going down that road. We all know how much a good visual theme can add to a band’s success once they reach the right audience with their music.

Check out “She’s The One” below:


Past Dance is out now!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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