The Best of 2017 – Live Music

There’s lots to enjoy in listening to records in the confines of a room or while being on the road. Experiencing them live however, is a completely different case. Live music is where the heart is to some of us. Whether it’s an arena show or small club gig, London provided great entertainment throughout the year of 2017 and surprising epic love affairs as well. Here are my picks about the most memorable concerts that happened in the UK capital this year.

All Time Low (Bush Hall – March 9)

A surprise gig from the Young Renegades that everybody knows about. Seeing All Time Low at least once a year became more of a tradition by now but this intimate gig was by far the most special because when was the last time they played a full set to 400 people? They debuted “Dirty Laundry” live (suspicious that the venue is right next to a laundromat) and attempted to play some old goodies like “Let It Roll” and “The Beach.” It was a good laugh.

The Maine (Electric Ballroom – March 25)

2017 was the year of The Maine worldwide and especially in the UK. Needless to say, they spoiled us and we are grateful. This gig at the Electric Ballroom saw them return to London for the first time since circa 2013 and the anticipation has totally lived up to it. Never have we seen a more eager crowd hungry for live music like this before. That room in those moments right there was filled with a sort of unity you hardly ever feel and this one has to go down as the BEST of the year.

Guns N’ Roses (Olympic Stadium – June 16)

This one was a very impromptu post-happy hour decision on a hot summer evening. It’s hard to resist when classic rock legends play in your neighbourhood and you see the crowds rolling in. It was as close as one could get to the kind of true rock and roll experience the “Paradise City” music video captures from back in the day but still means an item ticked off that music bucket list. If you ever get the chance to see one of the classics live, do it while you still can!

Fun fact: Guns N’ Roses came on stage so in time that we were late. And that is something.

Paramore (Royal Albert Hall – June 19)

After Laughter was the return of the Paramore we’ve all been waiting for and a record that hit hard in the feelings. To dance and sing our hearts out to those same songs in one of the most beautiful venues London has to offer was quite the experience. The business of misery has also been going strong for a good ten years now. We don’t see it ever stopping.

Night Riots (with The Maine + The Technicolors; KOKO – September 15)

This headlining night of The Maine and the whole UK tour line-up is something we are still longing after. It was when everything perfectly fell into place when it comes to headliners, the support and your favourite venue. You get it by now that we love The Maine and also big fans of The Technicolors, so turning up early was obligatory. What wasn’t expected was that Night Riots – a band we literally knew nothing about nor heard of before – would captivate our attention with their performance so much. Theatrical and intense performing style and a drum battle is the key to our hearts.

Palaye Royale (Camden Assembly – November 7)

This one-off performance came as reassuring delight that there are young artists out there with a mission to put rock and roll and guitars back into people’s faces. Going there with the mere curiosity to check out a band that’s been an intriguing entity for a while and leaving as an impressed new fan was what any disheartened music critic and enthusiast should experience. Not only that, but Palaye Royale are cultivating a community based off of art and existentialism that goes way beyond what most bands do in terms of influencing their audience. They also covered My Chemical Romance so they’re perfect in our book!


While this list is impressive as it is and lots of achievements have been made, life itself often prevents from pursuing all your dreams – like seeing PVRIS headline or even Oh Wonder, who we still did not manage to catch despite them hailing from London and playing just as frequently in the area. One day our time may come.


Tell us your favourite concert memories this year and who you have always wanted to see yet never managed so far!

DΓ³ra Udvardi

DΓ³ra Udvardi

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