[Album Review] The Dead Weather – ‘Dodge and Burn’

The music world rejoices! Why you ask? The Dead Weather have finally returned into the waking world with the release of their third studio album, Dodge and Burn. It’s been five whole years since we’ve heard new music from these guys. Not gonna lie, I’ve been happily lying in wait for the release of this album since they announced it many months ago.

The Dead Weather hit the nail on the head with this album. From the killer vocals from both White and Mosshart, right down to the Jack Lawrence and his gritty bass lines, it’s all there. I’m currently in love with the menacing guitar riffs in “Mile Markers” and “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles.)” Not to mention the hard hitting sound behind “Be Still” and “Buzzkill(er.)”

What I love most about this album though is that the overall sound is so raw and organic, you can tell that these guys (and gal) have great musical chemistry and it really shows through in their crazy music. So, if you have a hankering for some rock n’ roll or want an album that will dominate your eardrums this weekend, check out Dodge and Burn right now!

For now you can also check out the live music video for “Be Still.” It’s honestly one of my top favorite tracks from the album so far.

Chloe Skowron

Chloe Skowron

Chloe is a graphic designer/illustrator from Canada. She is a music lover at heart and enjoys cosplaying and talking about all things nerdy in her spare time.