[Album Review] Set It Off – ‘Upside Down’

We got to know the Upside Down as the dark, cold and scary parallel universe that kept poor little Will Byers hostage on Stranger Things. However, in the midst of autumn sadness slowly kicking in, Set It Off are here to shake things up once again and provide a funky alternative of an escape on the new album, Upside Down.

The influence of producers Mike Green, Erik Ron, and Brandon Paddock, that Set It Off returned to work with is inevitable and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low is even credited as co-writer on opening track, “Something New.”

While you can discover similar elements to artists like Panic! At The Disco, if The Cab‘s Symphony Soldier had a little sibling, this record would be it. I’ve been longing to hear something on this level, that instantly grabs my attention and burns into my memory for years to come. Obviously, the longevity and legendary being of Upside Down is yet to be proven but this newest venture of the band has already won me over. You may think it’s just a plain pop record at first listen, but as you get to know each song better, you discover a musically experimental side of Set It Off.

I’m loving the upbeat jungle-party sound of “Life Afraid” and “Never Know” is a potential singalong jam for long car drives. Fittingly, “Diamond Girl” is the biggest gem, where the dominance of the trumpet and that beat results in what might be their most mature track to date – if you’re more of an avid guitar fan, you may have to push your limits to truly appreciate this one though, but the more aggressive track “Hypnotize” should be in your interest.

One day, when I make a melancholic chill-out playlist for those times when you are not actually sad but want to relax to something soothing, and “Me W/O Us” will be on it. It’s the perfect closing track the album deserves.

*Fun fact: Our very own Morgan McNair is in the “Uncontainable” video! See if you can spot her! 😉

Upside Down is out now!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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