[album review] flor – ‘come out. you’re hiding.’

*this review is written in all lowercase to match the band’s aesthetic and overall vibe. enjoy.

it was exactly two years ago when i fell in love with indie-pop band, flor. “unsaid” had just been released and i clung to that song throughout the summer of 2015 as every word mirrored my own situation at the time. maybe it’s the introvert in me, but i can’t help but revel in the comfort that flor’s music has brought to my life. now, at long last, the time has finally come to release their highly-anticipated debut album, come out. you’re hiding, and the title says it all; from one restless soul trying to figure out their place in this world to a bunch of eager listeners ready to dive into a world not their own for a while from their bedroom floor, this is an album of self-discovery set to the sounds of magic. there’s no denying how much the industry desperately needs kindhearted souls like zach grace, dylan bauld, mckinley kitts and kyle hill and it is time for these four gentlemen to come out of hiding and into the well-deserved spotlight.

opening with “guarded,” we’re let in to singer zach grace‘s world for a bit as the walls start to crumble and the magic starts to flow freely, setting the tone for the majority of the album while listeners are greeted with that sweet, signature flor sound. a new re-vamped version of fan favorite, “warm blood,” keeps the bliss flowing, reminding us not only of where we were when we first heard the song but of the love we’ve experienced along the way. “fire, but sweet,” without a doubt.

“heart” touches on the subject of the monsters of fame and how one must learn to cope with maintaining their heart and true self while juggling a life in the spotlight. “won’t lose my heart,” grace sings during the bridge, perhaps stating the theme of the entire record.

“where do you go” is an uptempo ode to those who often find themselves in their own heads sung from the point of view of someone in awe of such traits – a rather touching sentiment considering how society often associates being quiet as a negative thing. “back again” is a tug-on-your-heartstrings kind of situation dealing with a relationship constantly tested with the trials of separation, later redeemed with the comforting words of, “i’m coming home.”

once “hold on” comes barreling in, there’s no stopping the heavenly feels as our world becomes more vibrant with every note and riff. every time i listen to this song, i’m brought right back to the first time i saw flor (on the night of the release of this song as they opened for great good fine ok this past january) with my boyfriend. it was the first time he saw me really come alive once the band hit the stage; the lyrics of, “you know that it’s you, the reason that i come alive, it lives in your eyes,” his first realization of how important a role music plays in my life.

like i previously mentioned, “unsaid” has been a savior of mine since its release so once i heard it was reworked a bit for the album, i’ll admit that i was a bit apprehensive. all that worrying has now tuned into sheer joy as they’ve done a lovely job with the new version, breathing life into an already poignant piece of work. the most crucial lines come during the bridge of, “nothing hurts when you hide away, let them in and they’ll bring the pain, but something about you feels okay, comfort can’t help me grow up anyways,” – a lesson that has taken me further than i imagined i’d be at this stage of my life.

“restless soul” speaks volumes to those suffering through the trials of an existential crisis and the everyday worries that life can bring. it’s nice to have a song that reminds us to slow down and take care of ourselves. “you’re going nowhere fast.” take a moment to breathe and reflect.

the most surprising moment of the record comes from the r&b-tinged track, “spoiled” – perhaps suited for lostboycrow‘s upcoming debut but oddly works so well into this equation. this one is going to be a banger live!

closing out our journey is indie-pop gem, “overbehind” – quite possibly embodying the essence of flor in under four minutes. one thing is for sure: hiding does these guys good when it produces gems like this record and we’re sure they’ll be making plenty more. but for now, it’s their time to shine and damn, it is well overdue!

come out. you’re hiding is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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