[Album Review] Blossoms – ‘Blossoms’

Little did I know when I attended Blossoms’ gig at the Great Escape festival in Brighton in May, that I would find my next musical love interest. What supposed to be curiosity towards a band whose name kept popping up here and there, turned into a serious heart eye-emoji matter every single time their songs come on the playlist at work.

Mixing the indie guitar sounds with synth-pop and bold lyrics, their self-titled debut album is not only a throwback to what music was like in the 80’s, it also reminds of the golden era of British indie from the past decade, and something a favourite small underground band, The Moog did around 2010. It’s a nostalgic heads up to why I used to love the genre, without the “I’m too cool to even smile” attire and before those now big names blew up into mainstream and sold out arenas – which will eventually happen to Blossoms as well (judging by the anticipation of the album).

It was quite surprising to hear so many of the popular songs off the previous EPs occupy nearly half the album. It totally makes sense for a debut, yet in a way “Getaway” (the first brand new track we got introduced to) seemed so much different and evolved in style I thought we would get a new level of Blossoms. Perhaps, thanks to the chilling daydream-y vibes that I really adore in that song.

“The stately homes of England/How beautiful they stand” chorus of “Blown Rose” completely turned to a different meaning ever since hunting for a new house in London.  In fact, the record couldn’t come at a better time – providing a chilled musical escape from real life; laying in bed with the headphones on and taking it all in…but only after I’ve binge watched Stranger Things for the third time. “My Favourite Room” and “Onto Her Bed” fits this feeling perfectly (hence the titles) while tracks like “Texia” and “Smashed Pianos” deliver instrumentally more virtuoso melodies that help ease the melancholy a little bit.

Still longing after their live performance, “Blow Draft” is what stuck with me the most. It has the bass line that could pass as a score track to some western movie, and dark guitar riffs that work best when played in smoke filled bars. Let’s not forget about the lead single “Charlemange” that is the absolute bop with picturesque lyrics and a melody you will not quite be able to get out of your head for a while.

It’s only the start. Stockport’s finest, Blossoms are here to stay and conquer many sold out arenas to come.

Album is out now!

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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