[Review] The Nursery – ‘Digital Ashes’

Toronto’s The Nursery first captured my attention with 2015’s “She Speaks The Wave,” as it reminded me of some retro-pop with a modern synth twist. The band finally released their new EP, Digital Ashes, this week and I think they’re on to something here.

Opening title track, “Digital Ashes,” is somewhat reminiscent of Orgy‘s 2000 record, Vapor Transmission, but more upbeat, as we’re brought into a world of virtual reality in a post-digital age. “She Speaks The Wave” brings us back to reality with that much-appreciated aforementioned retro-pop that probably would have thrilled the masses back in the ’60’s.

“Hexes + Oh’s” keeps the momentum going while taking things up a notch, displaying the band’s versatility with an undeniable punky, ’80’s vibe guaranteed to get you up on your feet while the upbeat “Oceans Of You” foreshadows the events in “Crystal Beach” – a track even veteran ’80’s pop bands would be envious of.

Closing track, “Xyoto’s Dream” is a distorted synth lover’s dream as we’re beamed up into outer space. A possible hint of what their full-length will sound like? We sure hope so.

Listen to Digital Ashes below:

Digital Ashes is available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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