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Nashville indie-rock trio, Canyon Spells – consisting of Jimmy Linville, Daniel Pingrey and Michaela Thomas – are gearing up for the release of their debut album, Now That We’re Gone, on March 4. The album was inspired by a rather harrowing incident during their spring 2015 tour when an SUV unhitched from a car carrier on the opposite side of the freeway, launched across the median and smashed head-on into the car beside them. “The whole experience really reminded me how important it is to be brave in what we’re doing,” says singer Jimmie Linville. “The accident gave us permission, in a way. It reminded us that we might not ever get another chance.”

A band of deep, present thinkers in an age where most folks are glued to their phones, Canyon Spells are that breath of fresh air outsiders have been searching for, exploring the depths of how social media has become embedded in our culture. “It affects everything: love, relationships, hopes, dreams…and the music explores that but with a chip on its shoulder.” shares Linville.

“We’re a band of outsiders, and we make music for outsiders,” says Linville. “And even when it’s dark, our fans find hope in our music. They’ve felt this way or had a similar experience even though—as outsiders—you often feel alone. That’s the power of music. That’s the reason I love it.” Needless to say, we are madly in love.

We are honored to share the premiere of Canyon Spells’ “Magic” with you today.

Listen below:

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