[WATCH] The Julie Ruin – “I’m Done”

In a generation where posting a quick, witty response to criticism on social media has become second nature, lead singer of the Brooklyn based band, The Julie Ruin – Kathleen Hanna – refuses to pick up on this habit. Instead, Hanna offers the music video for “I’m Done” – a single off the bands sophomore album Hit Reset, which is both a self-confidence anthem and a massive middle finger to internet trolls everywhere.

Hanna expresses this attitude from the get-go when she storms out of an interview upon the request to have her reaction to internet hate caught on camera. Funky keyboards sound in the background as she repeatedly enunciates “I’m done,” in a high pitched voice, which is truly authentic to Hanna’s distinguishable style. Hanna then longingly gazes at herself on the karaoke screen as she blocks out the surrounding atmosphere, symbolizing how she only accepts her and her loved ones perception of herself. This song continues to carry a one-two punch with knock-out lyrics like, “I’m done eating up your fake way, I’m done writing to-do lists, and I’m done with your better bunch of bullshit.”

If there’s anything Kathleen Hanna has proven to listeners over the past 20 years in each of her music explorations, it’s that she will never succumb to being a push over and “I’m Done” continues to prove just that.

Watch the video for “I’m Done” below:

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn A. Howard

Katelyn’s studies journalism at the University of Oklahoma and has contributed to local publications.