[WATCH] SAINTE – “With or Without Me”

You may know that Tay Jardine has ventured onto a solo career path after We Are The In Crowd has gone on hiatus. Her transition into the SAINTE moniker is easily one of my favourite pop music evolutions since Paramore’s self-tilted era. If these happenings come as news, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon now – it will be fully packed later on.

The singer just premiered a brand new track accompanied by a vivid music video. “With or Without Me” comes as the follow-up to her first single “Technicolor” from last year – it’s a teasing message hidden into an upbeat, lively pop song to the ex-lover that can’t get over you, even though you’ve been long gone. The visuals of the video were brought to life by the same Raul Gonzo who also directed the first one and helped to envision the SAINTE-aesthetics into a colorful avant-garde daydream.

Check out the video for “With or Without Me” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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