[WATCH] Paramore – “Told You So”

As if the crazy amount of new music dropping last week wasn’t enough, Paramore have once again surprised us with a teaser of what’s to come on After Laughter, due out May 12. Call that a chilled-out Thursday afternoon.

“Told You So” picks up on the same funky guitar riffs and rhythm where “Hard Times” left us craving more. The dark tone in the lyrics still remains however, and this time it also partially reflects in the visuals of the accompanying music video – directed by Aaron Joseph and newly returned Zac Farro himself. The sassy pop-art looks and Hayley’s secluded portrayal in a dark empty house live in perfect harmony with the song, and perhaps with this new era of the band as well.

Check out the video for “Told You So” below:


Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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