[WATCH] Melanie Martinez – “Soap / Training Wheels” Double Feature

Melanie Martinez has been capturing the hearts and attention of listeners around the globe with her whimsical-sounding carnival pop, proving that even crybabies have a voice in a world where just the mere thought of an uncomfortable emotion is frowned upon. Her debut album, Cry Baby, tells the story of Martinez’s alter-ego as she navigates her way through life, love and some pretty harrowing events – most fictional, of course. Her newest video release is a double feature of her songs “Soap” and “Training Wheels,” directed by the singer herself, showcasing Cry Baby and her boy crush, Johnny in a tale of cat and mouse.

Martinez is no stranger to our mission here at The Daily Listening, stating:

“I remember sitting in my bathroom in Long Island, feeling so many things at once growing up and the only thing that allowed me to express how I felt was writing music and creating art. I remember feeling like no one understood me, and the only way I’d get through anything was crying to a song that I related to at that moment. My music is therapy for me and I’m so honored that my music can help you guys in that way as well.”

Check out the “Soap / Training Wheels” double feature below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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