[WATCH] The Maine – “How Do You Feel?”

There’s no doubt that The Maine have outdone themselves even since the very first hint of the Lovely Litte Lonely era. Today the band begins a new chapter for it.

“How Do You Feel?” is the emotionally charged, closing track of the band’s sixth LP. Visually, the video switches from the band on a stage to red backgrounds. The concept behind it is a major throwback to 60’s simplicity and aesthetic and, to be honest, I love the whole vibe of it.

Frontman John O’Callaghan, explained that “The weirdo 8mm vibe and trippy edits – inspired by The Beatles and The Animals – were all an homage to the early psych movement, and for me helped make the performance aspect of the video more interesting visually.”

The Maine is currently wrapping up the European leg of the Lovely Little Lonely World Tour before embarking on the U.S. run for the Modern Nostalgia tour with Dreamers and Night Riots.

“To all the dearly depressed and broken hearted, the in-betweens and all the torn ones too, you’re not alone in how you’re feeling…”

Check out the video for “How Do You Feel?” below:


Naty Cuéllar

Naty Cuéllar

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  1. This video is so much like the Inside of You video but it reflects more so who they are now

  2. The Maine never fails to make good videos for their songs

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