If you fell in love with Daily Discovery artist, KLOE, back in February, be prepared to take that obsession up a notch with the singer’s new video for “UDSM” An acronym for You Don’t See Me, the video emulates a real-life scenario all women can (unfortunately) relate to at some point in their lives while the track itself radiates some serious Skye Ferreira synthpop vibes for days!

“I am so proud to present Part 1 of my 2 part video story, “UDSM.” I wrote the song at the tail end of last year after being humiliated by a boy in a bar in Camden.” the singer describes on her YouTube channel. “I had just begun to go out in London and was experiencing chaotic city life for the first time. I was 18, new to the industry and full of wonder. So after he kissed some girl, without a second thought, I ran out of the bar and walked around Camden alone crying my eyes out. All I wanted to do was get absolutely obliterated. That’s what the director Tash Tung and I wanted to show people – the vulnerable, naive side of me. I really wanted to push myself as far as I could with it and cross potential pop boundaries. It feels whole-heartedly me and I’m so proud of it. Ps: Yes, Emily is a real person haha!”

Watch the video for “UDSM” below:

Available now here.

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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