[WATCH] Glass Mansions – “Nightswimming”

South Carolina electro-pop/rock extraordinaires, Glass Mansions, were pitched to me as, “Shirley Manson going steady with The Neighbourhood,” so naturally my curiosity got the best of me. With a pitch like that (especially since most of you know my hardcore love for Garbage) who wouldn’t be intrigued? Though, the more I listen to them, they’re quite reminiscent of Against The Current meets Transviolet.

Turns out, the band are even better than imagined and new single, “Nightswimming,” is dance-friendly electro-rock at it’s best as the mystery of the unknown & the craving for adventure runs wild. Look out for tour dates and new music from the trio this year!

Sometimes you feel like you’re just floating through life, or standing still in one place with your head barely above water. “Nightswimming” is about that nostalgic feeling to yearn for adventure and the unknown. When you imagine a quiet moment to yourself while floating on your back in a pool at night – the night sky seems so infinite – it’s hard to tell where it meets the water you’re in, what’s truly out there, but then there’s also this bittersweet excitement about not knowing what comes next.  This song is about being lost in the unknown, embracing it, and finding strength in knowing that it’s okay to let yourself get lost.”

Check out the video for “Nightswimming” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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