[WATCH] FayRoy – “Life and Death”

Florida psych-rock outfit, FayRoy, have unveiled the second single, “Life and Death,” from their upcoming debut album, Heaven At Twenty Seven, due out next month. The track takes on a nostalgic vibe as remnants of classic rock meets modern-day indie (anyone remember Animal Kingdom?) while a somber meaning underlies within the lush soundscapes.

“This song pretty much stems from a proverbial slap in the face of perspective we had before a show,” shares the band for The Music Ninja. “We were with a big group of friends outside of the venue and all witnessed a group of teenagers get into a fight across the street. The scuffle appeared to just be another Friday night for these kids until we heard a gunshot and watched one of them fall to the ground as everyone else scattered. It happened so quickly that many people in the surrounding bars had no idea that it even happened. Life and Death is about a realization that the world has billion of situations constantly happening at the same moment, and for the most part, you are just one of them. We all share that. It’s a scary thought, but also incredibly liberating, depending on your perspective, of course.”

Check out the video for “Life and Death” below:

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