[WATCH] Em Rossi – “Empty Space”

Em Rossi always knows how to hit us right in the feels and her new video for “Empty Space” will have you in a ball of tears in seconds. But don’t worry! Feelings of triumph start to appear rapidly. Penning the song the day after the passing of her father, Rossi had this to say about the track:

“Heartbreak changes people. I remember the image vividly of waking up the day after my dad passed away, feeling the heartbreak continuing to make its waves of realization throughout. I escaped to my room and wrote down everything, and I mean everything: my sadness, thoughts, fears, questions, anger, and loneliness. This song grew out of those thoughts. The heartbreak pushed me to continue with my music creating a personal drive stronger than it had ever been before. It’s coming up on three years since his passing and the world is a drastically different sight to my eyes, but the anchor of who I am that will never alter. Time moves on and we shouldn’t allow our past to keep us from transitioning forward, but rather to let it be the grounding force we all need in our lives. Heartbreak is heartbreak, loss is loss, time is time, and loneliness is a surprisingly simplistic emotion in a physical realm. Reality is what will always be and I hope that from feeling and reflecting on our own empty space, we will continue to be endlessly grateful for true love and take our own growth from heartbreak to new levels. From my heart to yours, I’m sending so much love. Thank you for supporting me as I grow with the rest of the world around me.”

Check out the video for “Empty Space” below:

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

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