[WATCH] Don Broco – “Technology”

Who would’ve thought we were to be in for a surprise treat on a dull Sunday evening? We sure weren’t ready for Don Broco’s newest musical venture to blow our minds once again.

The Bedford quartet premiered “Technology” out of the blue on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show (with Frank Carter as temporary DJ) and it turned out to be quite sick. The new experimental rock sound is absolutely in line with the band’s continuing dedication towards creating the music that sets the crowd loose in a live setting and it’s equally as great a journey when you’re looking for something that’s a banger and catchy at the same time.

It’s also rather hard to recall stranger things from recent music history than Don Broco’s mission to build a zombie cowboy cult. Seemingly, it couldn’t get any weirder than “Everybody” or “Pretty” but wait until you see it!

Check out the video for “Technology” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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