[WATCH] Caper Parade – “Take It Easy (I’m Only Dancing)”

Caper Parade are back with a brand new track and music video today. Following previous single of “Feel Like Aladdin” and its indie/beach pop vibe, “Take It Easy (I’m Only Dancing)” takes us on a fine 70’s disco trip.

It’s a song that doesn’t take itself too seriously (written about how you meet someone at a party, after all) and the music video shows similar sentiments as the band are parading around London’s parks in their finest retro outfits. We usually tend to go for a darker and rougher pop sound and cringe real hard on the use of the word “booty” but one cannot deny the experimental qualities (as opposed to the poor selection in mainstream music lately) of “Take It Easy” – it throws us right back to the heyday of shiny disco balls, flare pants and the Bee Gees. It’s good to feel a little carefree in nowadays’ hard climate, even only for the duration of discovering new sides of Caper Parade.

Check out the video for “Take It Easy (I’m Only Dancing)” below:

Dóra Udvardi

Dóra Udvardi

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