[WATCH] All Time Low – “Dirty Laundry”

Various album cycles, almost constantly touring the world, and staying in the limelight with other activities in between, you would think All Time Low have been finally catching some well-deserved time off in the past couple of months. Well, following the promotional teasing that’s been going on all week, now we know said assumption is very far from the truth.

This year not only marks the 10 year anniversary of their first official full-length album So Wrong It’s Right but a new era of music for the band as well. The Future Hearts era of the past two years (it’s flown by in a blur, hasn’t it?) is still going strong personally. Letting go is hard and there is also excitement as the new single “Dirty Laundry” is slowly growing on me with each listen. Not going to lie – it was pretty much a bad feeling to hear the generic sound effects that every track we call pop on the radio has these days, yet the song is still as ATL as it gets…only with a little twist as the sudden lack of guitars for start catches you off guard. By the time they hit the road again, we all going to sing our hearts out to the massive rock chorus. The single’s current number one position on the charts is the proof for it – and the weekly dirty laundry that’s piling my room as I keep hitting the repeat button.

It was also announced that All Time Low are now label mates with the likes of Paramore and Twenty One Pilots under the wings of Fueled by Ramen. No additional info regarding the upcoming record has been revealed.

Check out the video for “Dirty Laundry” below:

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